Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Social Networking

Social networking has become the next big thing when it comes to public relations, advertising, and other types of communication. Social networking is so helpful when it comes to representing a product, company, cause, or website. When people blog and communicate about something in particular it definetly get's the word out there. The only social networking site I have used in the past is facebook which has become an absolute phenomenon in the past 5 years. Facebook was originally designed for college students and was just simply about communicating with old friends. It has now spread to everyone and and anyone is free to have a facebook account. The company has also turned to advertising and they have it set to where local advertising is even emphasized to whatever network you are in. Facebook has been so fascinating as it has continued to grow into a multi billion dollar company. After starting social media for public relations, I have just signed up for a twitter account. I am so interested in twitter. It is a very new thing to see how celebrities are interacting with everyone. People tell exactly what they are doing and share deep thoughts. It is pretty crazy to me when I think about how much information people tend to share on these social networking sites. I have only had a twitter account for the past few weeks and I am already addicted. It is so cool that I can have a twitter app on my iphone and instantly display my thoughts for the world to see. I love following all of my favorite celebrities. I feel connected to them in a sense by seeing their personal pages. I have noticed that certain celebrities will post comments like "love my vitamin water", it seems that companies could be paying them to post these messages because these celebrities have so many followers which will then hopefully turn into consumers after seeing these posts by celebrities. I am looking forward to learning alot more about blogging and communicating to others through social networking. It is very important to learn about social networking so I can be prepared to use these sites for the future. Businesses are very interested in these sites right now to help promote their companies, ideas, or products.
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Blog #1 Week 3 2/7/10
Reading the article on Social bookmarking, I learned that social bookmarking is a unique and effective way to source information and find sites that are likely to be of interest to you. Normally when someone searches for something online, they use a search engine like google and yahoo. Social bookmarking is a more effective way to get right down to what you are searching for. Instead of dealing with many pages of links, it is alot more simple. Social bookmarking seems to be a driving force of this evolving web. It will continue to be very important to social networking because it is a meen of communication. Bookmarking get's the word out to others and can help show of websites to people. Social bookmarking is all about labeling the web, making it easier to find the content that you're looking for by passing on what you've found. The labels applied to web sites are commonly known as tags. Del.icio.us seems to be the most popular bookmarking website. It is a very nice website and is organized very well. I like that bookmarking is all about interacting with people. Del.icio.us uses tags which users apply to websites by clicking on a button that they install into their browser when they sign up. Every time a user wants to tag a site, they click on their del.icio.us button, and the site is added to their personal list and the del.icio.us library. Social bookmarking sites will be your favorite depending on what your interests are and how you use the sites. I looked into a few sites including blue dot, delicious, and dig. Dig is my favorite site because I liked how easy it was to use. I have never really gotten into social bookmarking websites and I don't think I will turn to them over search engine websites, but it seems to be very successful. I am looking forward to exploring more bookmarking sites this semester and learning more about them.
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